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Get Expert Help to Get Your Story Out!

Let's Make Your Impossible Possible!

It’s no secret, most people fail to get their story out, let alone put it on paper. There is plenty of frustration, distractions, and setbacks that people have to come against when embarking on a writing project and sadly for many this dream just withers.

Do you want to write? Is your dream to become an accomplished writer? Great news! You can do it! If you have a passion to write and get your story out, then this is for you.

The aim of this project is to help you get your story published in the form of a chapter. According to recent research studies only one percent of submitted manuscripts are published. One of the regrets that people have in life especially on their death bed is not fulfilling their dreams of getting their stories published.


This project is a collaborative effort with other authors, working on a similar theme. The theme for this particular project is hope in the midst of challenges.

So what are these challenging situations?


  • Tragedy (loss of a loved one or coping with the death of a loved one)

  • Relationship issues

  • Divorce/separation

  • Family issues

  • The diagnosis

  • The recovery – e.g. cancer, mental health challenges?

  • Financial crisis

  • Any challenging situation you are facing or have faced

  • Or even a success story!

To find out more or to take part fill in the request box below

Thanks for submitting!


Once Your Story is Published, Imagine What You Can Do...

  •     Impact and change the lives of your readers

  •     Be seen an expert in your field and stand out

  •     Get noticed, attract media interviews

  •     Create a source of surplus income

  •     Use this platform as a starting point for business growth and as a springboard to create other products

Meet the Authors of 'Lives Transformed, Stories of Unsung Heroes


Book Review


"One of the highlights for me is how all the authors have triumphed
over areas of their lives where they have had to overcome hardships,
obstacles to stay true to the vision God placed in them.

 The book was very easy to read in the sense of the humour and
diversity of each author"
  - Beverley C


Meet the Authors of 'Lives Transformed Passage to Healing'


This book was an inspirational and I did enjoy reading it


What Are My Credentials?

My writing journey started in 2008 when I embarked on a comprehensive creative writing course with ‘The Writer’s Bureau.’ Since then I have taken part in written several books and taken part in other writing projects
such as writing ‘E-zine Articles’ and co-authored numerous books such as ‘The Gratitude Book Project,
Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude’ (2010) and The Gratitude Book Project, a Celebration of Personal Heroes’ (2011).

When I started writing, it became therapeutic as it enabled to deal with issues of the past and found healing through writing.

“Stories are never ending journeys, hidden talents and suppressed memories, all waiting to be told.”

Copyright © 2018 - 2020, Evelyn Pindura, All Rights Reserved.  "Lives Transformed Book Writing Project"

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