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Real Life Stories Filled with Inspiration, Empowerment with Easy  Practical tips to Apply.

Ginger - The Lung Fixer

Explores the origin of ginger, its multi-functional uses, benefits and how you can use it to make it work for you. In addition, it has simple recipes for you to follow and also a special home made Grandma's Ginger Beer.

You Are Beautiful Inside and Out, 52 Amazing Self-Esteem Quotes

This book ‘You Are Beautiful Inside And Out, 52 Amazing Self Esteem Quotes’ is not just an ordinary quote book but is unique as it tackles problems relating to the inner self. Unlike any other quote book, it discusses encouraging thoughts and shares some stories on gratitude and positive affirmations.

Lives Transformed Passage to Healing

Lives Transformed: Passage to Healing, is a collective of a number of authors. They openly discussed their traumatic experiences – their hurt, struggles, pain, and challenges. However, these are the things that made them stronger, shaped them, gave them hope, and built up their resilience and their determination not to become despondent. It was these hard times that led to transformation.

Lives Transformed Stories of Unsung Heroes

Lives Transformed Stories of Unsung Heroes is a collective writing of a number of the authors who share about their experiences, challenges and the steps they took to make changes.

This book addresses issues such as living with depression, singleness, letting go of past hurts, call to ministry, career transition, becoming your own boss and setting up a charitable cause. It looks at the nature of true success and purposeful living.

Forgive Turn Your Pain into Gain

Business Title

Forgive Turn Your Pain into

Forgive Turn Your Pain into Gain


In forgive turn your pain to gain and set yourself free I share my own childhood experiences and life struggles and the steps I took to overcome them.

It is divided into three parts discussing rejection, shame, guilt, and forgiveness, with practical steps on how to forgive.

When you buy this book you get a free copy of 'Forgiveness Quotations'

Forgiveness Quotations


A Combination of inspirational quotes on Forgiveness, Freedom, Hope, Trust and Love,

Easy to read over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne

Happy Reading!

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