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Break the Cycle

Forgiveness is not trying to get even with the offender, or about who is right or wrong; it is about putting the past behind and not letting it haunt you. You do not have to take revenge. Revenge leads to war, and war causes the innocent to suffer.

Yes, it is natural to retaliate or pay back tit for tat when hurt by someone. We feel inclined to do so because this is ingrained in our make-up. When one is hurt, it is easier to seek revenge or retaliate.

Seeking revenge or retaliation is not the best way to deal with hurts. When the victim decides to have his/her own back on the offender, the offender may decide to strike back in order to get even. This can lead to series of repetitive confrontations and it can provoke vicious cycles of revenge. What is the way forward?

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