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How Can I Forgive When I’m Still Hurting?

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

How can it be alright when everything is all wrong? How can I forgive when I’m still hurting? Yes, this is what you may be asking yourself.

You may have been abused, misjudged, mistreated, betrayed, deceived or let down, but one thing you must not allow to happen to you is to become a prisoner of your past.

Do not let any form of abuse devastate your life or put a hold on your future.

Is your worth determined by the way other people have treated you? If you have been hurt by someone, do not spend the rest of your life holding on to that offense.

It could be possible that the other person is unaware that they have hurt you or isn’t even thinking about you while you worry about the particular issue. You are only hurting yourself.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to let go of your past hurts. Holding on to past hurts does more harm than good. You will end up feeling angry, bitter and frustrated with people and yourself.

If you continue holding on to a grudge for a long time, it will begin to affect your health. Before long you will begin to feel unwell. You may have heard that certain ill health is linked with unforgiveness.

Are you ready to take a step forward and make a decision to forgive? If you would like to know more about How to Forgive’, this new book will show you step by step what to do.

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