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Overcome the 'Puddles' in Life

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

It was a nice and sunny Monday so we decided to go for a walk as we did not have other plans to go out for the day. We left with bottles of water and our mobile phones. As we started walking into the woods we had to walk over a lot of puddles.

I actually straight into one puddle and my white trainers got stained with mud but I did not care I was geared towards enjoying the walk. My husband did not like the idea of jumping over the puddle as he found it messy.

As we continued walking, we encountered other people walking their dogs, children and the elderly. There was plenty of cool breeze and clouds overhead but these soon disappear. It was such a beautiful day and the walk was refreshing, we took some photos, sat down and rested as well.

One thing we regret is the fact that we did not take anything with us to eat as it had gone well past our lunch time. As we set back we went through another route and we had to walk over a lot of puddles which was annoying but my daughter said one thing which I found profound, she said "Don't look at the obstacles, and focus at the end result." The walk was refreshing and we felt rejuvenated.

At the end of the walk, I learnt two things:

1. Its good to take time out

2. Don't look at the puddles (obstacles) in life, focus at the end result

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