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The Greatest Gold Mine - Forgiveness

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

You may have experienced or are experiencing intense pain that the next person might not be able to fathom. Forgiveness is releasing negative feelings and showing mercy towards the offender. It is also letting go of the past and being in the now, realising that you can’t go back in time. The forgiver sees the hurt from a different perspective and moves away from being a victim to becoming a victor over his/her circumstance.

Why Forgive? Forgiveness brings immense benefit to the individual who does the forgiving. By forgiving others we free ourselves spiritually and emotionally. We are at peace with our inner selves. When you learn to forgive you experience decreased anger, you become more hopeful, you feel good on the inside, and your self-esteem is increased. Your physical health also improves, you feel less depressed and anxious, you become more productive, and your relationships improve.

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