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The Things We Take For Granted

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

There are so many things to be thankful for – our memory and even little things such as the air we breathe, sunshine, rain and snow.

Some time ago, I was talking to an eighty-six elderly gentleman man. He said to me “I am thankful for my health, for the fact that I can still do things for myself such as gardening.

My wife who is almost the same age as me is equally fit and runs around like a five year old.

The sad thing is that not everyone is able to do the same. I know a friend who is a couple of years younger than myself who is now suffering from dementia. He doesn’t remember his wife anymore and he calls her “Sir”…..

Do you look after or have nursed someone suffering from Dementia? Would like to hear your story, get in touch.

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