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The Transition Period (Part 2)

When making changes you will definitely face hurdles along the way and it is not an overnight thing to get to the end result. Rest assured that the result is tangible and beautiful because you’ve worked hard at it.

If we look at the life cycle of a butterfly. A butterfly did not start beautiful, it starts as an egg at the beginning of its life which is a seed (your faith is your seed).

It experiences growth as if goes through its various stages and once it has finished growing, it goes through a resting phase (the patience phase). Eventually ‘voila’ the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. I’ve never heard of an ugly butterfly.

Don’t quit or abort your plan prematurely because things are not going the way you plan, keep holding on. Your end result will become tangible, beautiful and priceless because it’s worth all the time you have invested into it.

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