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Author Evelyn Pindura is happy to announce their New Book Release ‘Lives Transformed Stories of Unsung Heroes.’ ‘Lives Transformed’ was put together by a group of collaborative authors who set to share about their experiences, challenges and the steps they took to make changes, addressing issues such as living with depression, staying single and dealing with issues of the past, call to ministry, career transition and purposeful living.

It is a self-help book, a guide for anyone who is seriously thinking about making changes or looking for a fresh start in life.

As you read Lives Transformed, you will be challenged to awaken your own greatness within; it is your chance to pick up the baton and to do something extraordinary. You don't have to follow the traditions of the times, but you can create your own traditions and when your traditions give rise to champions, you have made history!

A percentage of the book sale will go towards supporting ‘Oral Africa Care.’ Oral Africa Care is a charity dedicated to providing supplies and education to Africa. Oral Africa Care aims to provide dental supplies, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, timers, leaflets and mouthwash to teenagers and younger children, whilst teaching the importance of oral health and awareness of tooth decay and cavities.

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Evelyn believes that everyone is gifted and talented in their own special ways. However these gifting’s and talents might not be easily evident. She is passionate about helping people achieve the best for their lives and to push through the challenges they face.


She has authored several books including ‘Forgive Turn Your Pain into Gain and Set Yourself Free’ and the most recent release ‘You Are Beautiful Inside and out, 52 Amazing Self-Esteem Quotes. She has a wide range of experience of over 25 years within the health sector. Apart from professional achievements, she is a believer in self-development and over the years have acquired certificates in Health and Nutrition, Counselling and Coaching and is currently undergoing a mentoring course. She has won numerous awards.

She is the founder of 'Hope and Voice' a Community Interest Company, helping women to build and rebuild their lives.


Evelyn Pindura Announce their New Book Release

 ‘Lives Transformed Stories of Unsung Heroes.’

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